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Repairs & Service to Electric Hot Water Systems

Repair or Replace?


If you are without hot water or your system is leaking, Hot Water carry a large range of hot water spare parts in our service vehicles. We can repair many faults on electric hot water services on the initial visit to your home or workplace and we will give you an upfront price before starting work.


If one of our licensed tradesmen determines that your current service is not able to be repaired and needs to be replaced, we can arrange this quickly to get hot water back to you FAST, saving you time delays and unnecessary costs.


We also provide a number of troubleshooting tips below for you to follow when problems occur with your hot water.


What should I check if I have no hot water?


If there is not enough hot water, it is recommended that the following points be checked before making a service call. If after checking the following points, the problem has not been identified, please contact 1800 140 214.


My System Has No Hot Water


  • Check the fuse or circuit breaker on your switchboard in the meter box. If the fuse is blown, replace with correctly rated fuse wire. If the circuit breaker has tripped, reset to the ON position. Usually a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker shows a problem that should only be serviced by a licensed professional. Please contact 1800 140 214.


There is No Hot Water Coming from the Hot Water Tap


  • Check to see if the Isolation Valve located at the hot water service is turned to the 'ON' position (anti clockwise). It may have a black knob or a normal tap head and is usually located near the base of the hot water inlet. DO NOT touch any other valve related to the hot water system.

  • Do you have the correct size water heater for your requirements? You may find that your family has outgrown the size of the system you have. Refer to the table below:

  • Consider that often the hot water usage of showers, washing machines and some dishwashers can be under estimated. Review these appliances to calculate if your daily usage is greater that the storage volume of your system. For example, if you have a 315 litre storage tank and you are using 450 litres of water it is possible that there will be certain times of the day where there is not enough hot water. It is also advisable to check tap washers etc. for leaks and replace if required.

  • Is there a leaking hot water pipe or dripping hot water tap? A small leak can waste a large amount of hot water. Replace faulty tap washers or contact us on 1800 140 214 to have a plumber rectify any leaking pipe work.


There is Water Leaking from the Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve (PTR)


  • It is not unusual for a small quantity of water to discharge during the heating of water in your storage tank. The amount of discharge will depend on hot water usage and the size of the storage tank. As a guide, it will discharge 3% of the storage capacity of water in the heating period.

  • A continuous trickle of water from the Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve (or Overflow Pipe) may mean that sediment is built up in the valve or that the valve needs replacing. Instructions on how to operate the relief valve may be located on the tank. Lift the leaver carefully to allow the water to flow being careful as you do as hot water may be released from the pipe. Allow the water to run for several seconds and then close the valve. If water still continues to flow, please call 1800 140 214.

  • A steady flow of water from the PTR may be caused by the water temperature or water pressure being too high caused by a faulty valve or a faulty thermostat. In this case, turn off the electricity supply and call 1800 140 214.


My Electricity Bill Seems Higher than Usual


  • Is the Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve (PTR) discharging too much water?

  • Is there one outlet (such as a shower) using more hot water than you think?

  • Is there a leaking hot water pipe or dripping hot water tap? A small leak can waste a large amount of hot water.

  • Replace faulty tap washers or contact us on 1800 140 214 to have a plumber rectify any leaking pipe work.

  • Have you contacted your electricity provider to see if a different tariff for hot water is available?




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