Quantum Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
Environmentally friendly hot water combining the eco credentials of solar, with the reliabilty of gas and electric hot water systems.

Installing Solar Hot Water is one of the most cost effective ways to save thousands of dollars in electricity of the lifetime of a hot water system. A Quantum Solar Heat Pump is a solar solution without the panels, it does not need direct sunlight or roof panels and looks very similar to an Electric Hot Water System.


Traditional solar hot water heaters rely on sunlight to affect the heating, heat pumps extract heat from the ambient air and use this energy to heat the water.


A Quantum Heat Pump will produce hot water in all climates and with such efficiency that standard hot water heating bills can be reduced by 50-70%.

1. Sun Heats the Air - Heat pumps rely on ambient air temperature rather than incidental sunshine. Utilising refrigeration principles, Quantum heat pumps operate without direct sunlight and can operate in all weather conditions without the need for an electric or gas booster.


2. Energised Air Inducted into Heat Pump - Heated air is drawn into the heat pump and passes over the evaporator which contains R134a Refrigerant Liquid that boils at a very low temperature. As it boils, the liquid begins to change state into gas which is compressed, raising the temperature and converting it into a super heated vapor.


3. Energy Transferred to Heat Cold Water - using Quantum's patented Tank Wrap Technology, the super heated vapor in guided through copper tubes (condenser) wrapped around the outside of the water tank. The condenser does not come into direct contact with the water, reducing the potential for corrosion and calcium build up.


4. Cold Air Expelled - once the heat has been extracted from the air and transferred to the water, the cold air is discharged from the heat pump using a fan.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the system work during bad weather?

Yes, Quantum heat pumps are designed to work all year round without a booster element in temperatures down to -10 degrees celsius.


What is the warranty offered on a Quantum heat pump?

A 5 year warranty on the water tank and integral condenser and a 2 year warranty on the electrical and refrigeration components.


What is the tank in the Quantum heat pump made of?

The tank is mild steel with a vitreous enamel lining.


Does the system freeze up or overheat?

No, the de-icing and liquid injection cycles prevent this from happening.


Are replacement parts available?

Yes. All parts are readily available in many locations throughout Australia.


Where is the unit made?

The Quantum heat pump was designed and further developed for over 30 years in Australia and is now manufactured in Suzhous, China in Quantum's own factory. Using the same high quality components, Quantum's reduced manufacturing costs have been passed onto their customers.


Is a Quantum Heat Pump noisy?

The noise level of a Quantum heat pump is only 48db and is the quietest compact heat pump in Australia. 48db is far less than that of a domestic air conditioner.


How much more will a Quantum Heap Pump cost me?

Approximately only $200 more than a standard electric hot water system, with the savings you will receive from reduced power bills paying this off within a few months!!




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