* Terms & Conditions - The prices above apply to the installation of Rinnai systems in a like for like swap of external, freestanding units. For all other units we will provide a free of charge quote. Further charges may apply if a new overflow is required or replacement of valves or other components is necessary to meet compliance with government regulations and standards.

Many people wonder how we are able to keep our prices so low.


These days there are so many gimmicks used in the market place so that when you are confronted with something plain and simple you start questioning this simple reasoning “Is this really the reason these guys are offering such good prices or is there another reason. Is there something I am missing?


  • We work on smaller margins.  The reason other suppliers prices are higher is because they work on bigger margins. 

  • We believe selling at lower prices will results in more sales and more customers as opposed to higher margins and lower sales. 

  • We’ve automated many processes that our competitors do manually (billing, e-mails, notifications, etc.).

  • We have worked hard behind the scenes to work with Australian owned suppliers and streamline our processes to lower our overheads which allow us to pass the savings onto you.

  • Due to our focus on electric hot water systems and nothing else.

  • We are fanatical about avoiding non-essential expenses which allows us to keep our price so low.  We are in the Hot Water System business and no other!

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The end result of this is Hot Water Systems .com.au is a highly-efficient operation with fantastic client testimonials, and a commitment to customer service excellence. It is value-conscious customers like you that will keep us in business for years to come. 


From the early morning shower to bathing the children at night, you need a hot water unit that can be installed quickly and meet the needs of your household.


When a hot water system fails, it tends to go suddenly. That's why we have designed our systems and services around quick, hassle free installation of electric hot water units with a major focus on our best price guarantee and fast response times by licensed technicians.


Electric storage hot water units offer the lowest costs on installation as they have the same footprint when replacing like for like units. They are also the most affordable units to buy meaning that you can have your electric unit replaced FAST at a great price.


Electric systems now have to meet minimum energy performance standards. Most electricity providers offer a choice of tariffs for water heaters, which will heat water during off-peak times saving you money on your running costs.


Government regulations on the installation of electric hot water systems have now been relaxed meaning that you can replace your old electric systems with a similar model reducing the cost of replacement.

An electric hot water system is the best way to consistently provide hot water to your home ensuring that your bathroom, kitchen and laundry perform well every day.

Rinnai Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

The Rinnai electric storage hot water systems heat water in an insulated tank by an electric element.


Water is heated to a set temperature, usually between 60 degrees celsius and 70 degrees celsius, and kept ready for use in the tank. When hot water is used, it is drawn from the top of the tank and replaced by a layer of cold water at the bottom. The drop in temperature is sensed by the thermostat which activates the heating element at the bottom of the tank.


Rinnai units are quick and easy to install and are available in 8 different sizes to suit your need. All come with a 7 year warranty.